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Arkansas Cannabis Cultivation

Arkansas Cannabis CultivationAre you interested in starting your own Arkansas Cannabis Cultivation center? Regardless of the size you want to start, from a small, home operation to a larger industrial-sized operation, the options are available to Arkansas residents looking to get involved. Arkansas Cannabis Solutions supplies long term cannabis farming operations with options that boost yields, work to reduce expenses and create a great final product.

New Arkansas regulations mean that the state is open for medical marijuana business. The State of Arkansas will begin by allowing 4-8 cultivation facility licenses and 20-40 dispensaries within the state. Subsequent legislation will be more clear as to the type of growth that is expected in this area.

You can be qualified for Arkansas Cannabis cultivation if you are a resident of the State of Arkansas and have lived there at least 7 years. The state will begin accepting applications by July first, 2017.

Get set up now by reading through state regulations to determine your eligibility and which type of business you are interested in building. Applying for a license isn’t as easy as putting your name and address on the application- the state is looking for serious Arkansas cannabis cultivation experts who plan to partner with investors and finance partners to ensure the success of their operation.

Arkansas Cannabis Solutions is a great place to start. They offer all of the following amenities:

– Engineering of fertilizers and nutrients
– Environmental control
– Facility design
– Inventory tracking and complete management
– Pest management
– Strain selection and development
– Procurement of materials and supplies
– Research and development for optimum success
– HR management and operation staffing
– Access to intellectual property

If you’d like more information from Arkansas Cannabis Solutions, feel free to visit their home page and fill out the brief contact form to request a call back at your convenience.

To cultivate medical marijuana in the State of Arkansas, there are several points of qualification that must be met. To obtain a cultivation license, applicants must be able to prove assets or a surety bond in the amount of one million dollars, and a half million in liquid assets. The application fee is $15,000, only half of which will be refunded to you. The standard license fee for cultivation is one hundred thousand dollars.

There are numerous websites online that are available to keep the public abreast in the latest legislation developments. We highly recommend you making your main resource online to stay up to date in what is taking place with the law. For Cannabis Management Solutions, there is no greater authority available.

Get involved in what’s happening in the State of Arkansas and grow or dispense medical marijuana to a highly motivated audience anticipating the ability to purchase marijuana legally.

The costs of getting started in the medical marijuana industry are considerable, however, becoming involved in this unique industry is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Apply at your earliest availability and make your presence known in the Arkansas Cannabis Cultivation revolution.
Arkansas Cannabis Solutions
714 Calhoun Str. Little Rock AR. 72202

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