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Arkansas Marijuana Laws

Arkansas Marijuana LawsArkansas marijuana laws are some of the harshest in the United States.  Even possessing a small amount can lead to jail time and large fines.  However, on November 8, 2016, Arkansas became one of more than twenty-five states to pass the legalization of medical marijuana for seriously ill patients receiving a written recommendation from their physician for use in alleviating symptoms of medical conditions or side effects of medications used to treat their illness.  This law has created new industry for the state – facilities for the growth and cultivation of medical marijuana and the dispensaries that they provide the plants to for distribution to patients seeking the means to improve their quality of life. 

There have been delays and lawsuits followed by an amendment to the Arkansas marijuana laws for the use of medical cannabis but the law is on the books.  The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission has been established for implementing and regulating the growth, dispensing and use of medical marijuana in the state.  Medical cannabis dispensaries and the facilities for cultivating medical cannabis crops may begin applying for licensure beginning July 1, 2017.

Licensure as a cultivation facility in Arkansas will be extended to between four and eight farms.  This small number of licenses will make for a highly competitive application process.  Having the proper legal, business and farming structure in place will be instrumental to a facility for obtaining the license to cultivate medical marijuana. 

Arkansas Cannabis Solutions is poised with a turn-key cannabis management system to enable farmers who will be cultivating medical marijuana to get their operations up and running in a timely and sustainable fashion.  Our complete management systems address both business development and management along with the actual cultivation of medicinal cannabis in accordance with the Arkansas marijuana laws.

Our organizational business systems are the foundation for creating a successful farm for cultivating medicinal cannabis.  Some of the activities that we are involved in include:  assistance in the formation of HR management systems and staffing operations, systems for obtaining materials and supplies, research and development, designing state-of-the-art facilities and inventory systems for tracking and management, to name few.

Arkansas Cannabis Solutions also offers a range of assistance for the actual farming operation.  We will be with the facility every step of the way, involved in soil nutrient and fertilization systems, pest and environmental control and the selection and development of marijuana strains. 

While Arkansas marijuana laws for medical marijuana are just being brought to fruition in the state, Arkansas Cannabis Solutions is at the forefront of cannabis management solutions.   Arkansas Cannabis Solutions employs methods that not only automate processes, they are designed to assist in the business management of the facility, increase the crop yield of a farm while reducing the cost of operating the facility.  Our ultimate goal is to create a medical marijuana farming operation that is profitable and sustainable over the long-term while still adhering to the Arkansas marijuana laws.

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