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Arkansas Medical Cannabis

Arkansas Medical CannabisLegislation has recently changed in Arkansas to allow for growing and dispernsation of medical cannabis. In the very near future, more and more patients will have freer access to their medical cannabis via these new laws. If you’re interested in getting involved in the cultivation or dispensation of Arkansas medical cannabis, we invite you to take a closer look at what Arkansas Cannabis Solutions has to offer.

A complete online resource for the grower, Arkansas Cannabis Solutions can provide you with turnkey cannabis growth management solutions. You’ll find their site to be an invaluable place to find information on facility design, fertilizer and nutrient engineering, environmental control, inventory tracking and management, and much, much more.

Arkansas has legalized the growth and dispensation of cannabis for medical purposes but not for recreational use; it’s important to understand this very essential fact. While the cultivation of medical cannabis in the state of Arkansas will be kept on a tight leash, it will be possible for residents who have lived in the state for more than 7 years to apply for and obtain licensure to grow cannabis for medical purposes.

Just how pricey is it to obtain a license for cultivation? The fact is, that it’s fairly expensive to apply for and obtain a license. It’s crucial that you understand this from the onset. For this reason, the state of Arkansas recommends that all applicants partner with at least one financial backer. Issue 6's sponsors were interested in qualifying residents who are financially sound and as such, require an annual fee of $100,000 to maintain their license, with a $15,000 application fee.

The Medical Marijuana Commission believes the hundred thousand annual fee to be a small cost to do business in the cannabis industry. Interestingly enough, the fees go to fund their commission. Aside from the steep costs of growing Arkansas medical cannabis, applicants must have bonds or assets worth one million dollars.

Medical marijuana remains illegal under federal law, therefore business owner are unable to receive traditional bank loans to fund their business. Since meeting with the strict financial qualifications is un-negotiable, applicants will have to acquire partnerships or backers if unable to come up with the fees on their own.

For entrepreneurs who are able to come up with the financing, Arkansas medical cannabis proves to be a very lucrative business venture, with a widely paved road ahead.

Applicants may begin applying for cultivation licenses on July 1, 2017. Questions about cultivation and dispensing requirements can be directed to

We highly recommend making your first resource for cultivation information when you’re ready to get started. To connect with one of their specialists, visit the home page online and fill out the brief contact form. Make sure to include a detailed message and submit for a prompt reply.

For superior Cannabis Management Solutions, you can obtain immediate answers to your questions by calling 501-819-8119. Arkansas Cannabis Solutions will be there when you need them to be.  Arkansas Medical Cannabis
Arkansas Cannabis Solutions
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