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Medical Marijuana Arkansas

Medical Marijuana ArkansasIn November 2016, the medical marijuana Arkansas law was passed that legalized its use by patients, who as prescribed by their doctor, are looking to reduce pain, nausea, seizures and other symptoms caused by a variety of illnesses and treatments.  The law specifically regulates the cultivation, acquisition and distribution of medical marijuana through licensed dispensaries.  It also addresses how physicians certify patients for cannabis use as well as conditions for a patient to qualify for medical marijuana use.

This has opened the door for farmers to either bring existing farms in a new direction or for new farms to be established in Arkansas.  This is a great opportunity for farmers to create a productive and thriving business in a time when there are struggles in the farming industry. 

The production methods for medical marijuana Arkansas farms cultivating cannabis require both the development of business and management expertise along with best farming practices and techniques.  How do you create your business with a management system that is uniquely structured for not only the operations of a farm but the cultivating cannabis as prescribed by medical marijuana Arkansas laws and practices? 

Arkansas Cannabis Solutions was established as a complete cannabis management solution to assist licensed facilities that cultivate medical marijuana in establishing and improving their operations within the boundaries of the medical marijuana Arkansas law.  As a management company, we are committed to working with these facilities to increase automation and thereby enhancing crop yields.  

Arkansas Cannabis Solutions brings organizational skills specifically designed to address the needs of those organizations who are in the business of cannabis farming.  We offer complete systems management, with no detail left unturned, in both the business and farming aspects of operating a cannabis farm in accordance with the medical marijuana Arkansas law.
We offer a full range business management services including:

Assisting in the design of a high-tech, modern facility
Establishing operational procedures for business structure and human resources management
Research and development
Access to intellectual property
Procurement of supplies and materials and inventory management

Arkansas Cannabis Solutions also provides systems for the cultivation of crops based on best farming practices and in accordance with the medical marijuana Arkansas law, which includes:

Soil preparation and maintenance through fertilizer and nutrient engineering
Assistance with seed variety development and selection
Pest management systems 
Environmental considerations and control

Whether you are an existing farm wanting to begin production the of medical marijuana or a new farm just beginning to cultivate medical cannabis, Arkansas Cannabis Solutions provides medical marijuana Arkansas farmers who have their cultivation license with a one-stop, turnkey solution to establishing a complete cannabis farming operation from the ground up.  Our foundational practices establish systems for both the operational business aspect and the actual cultivation of cannabis crops from the formation of the business to seed to distribution to qualified dispensaries, creating a solid basis that assures the success and longevity of the cannabis farm.

Please visit our website at or contact us for a personal consultation at (501)819-8119 Medical Marijuana Arkansas
Arkansas Cannabis Solutions
714 Calhoun Str. Little Rock AR. 72202

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